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Transformational Healthcare


Healthcare Consulting


It may be time for a non-linear approach. For example, how are employee engagement  and consumer surveys meeting your healthcare organizations needs? They work as an initial assessment tool, but how and what changes are being implemented? 

As a Registered Nurse working in many different mental health environments, Elise has identified several key gaps to be addressed toward implementing real change in how organizations engage in effective care delivery. Hint: Don't underestimate the value of starting from the bottom.

Nurse Coaching


Nurse Coaching promotes a supportive and expansive approach to the day-to-day practice of nursing. Since nurse's are the cornerstone of any healthcare organization - does it not make sense to empower them with the tools to practice with greater autonomy? A nurse that has exposure to this field of practice has expanded their repertoire of tools in self-care mastery, theoretical knowledge, and creative, holistic methods of care delivery. A Nurse Coach is uniquely equipped with specialized skills in their field of professional expertise. This is an asset to transformational health.

Speaking Engagements


Speaking to healthcare organizations on the topic of pioneering structural changes that reflect the values of human centered care. Elise is a dynamic speaker with a knack for identifying opportunities within converging values that exist in the healthcare discourse. Elise has presented on a leadership panel for the Kansas Action Coalition (2014), social entrepreneurship at the Advanced Integrative Nurse Coach Association (2015), and designed a course module for Kansas nurse leaders "Nurse Coaching for Transformational Leadership".


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