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Hi, my name is Elise! I am a Board Certified Nurse Coach actively working as a Nurse Coach/ consultant with my company Whole Life Nursing, LLC (est. 2014). Follow me on FB @EliseCoaching or LinkedIn at NurseCoachElise. I am passionate about values-based healthcare delivery, advocacy, and accessible healthcare in a new economy that puts human needs above profits. I am a mental health travel RN and course author for HolisticNursingCE.com. Some of my work related thereto includes:

~ Bachelors of Nursing, Pittsburg State University

~ Board of Directors, Awakening to Grace 501(c)3

~ Alumni of the International Nurse Coach Association

~ A Nurse Coach Implementation Guide: Your Crash Course to an Effective Values Conversation (2016).

~ Nurse Coaching for Transformational Leadership (Course module for Kansas Nurse Leaders, 2015)

Sharon is an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse and Nurse Innovator. She holds many different levels of specialty in her vast nursing career including a public health nursing, nurse entrepreneurship, Nurse Coaching, and nonprofits.

Sharon is the Founder of Awakening to Grace 501(c)3 with a current focus on getting the nurse’s voice heard by way of her latest project, Holisticnursingce.com. This site offers high quality online education to nurses and healthcare providers from a holistic framework.

Additionally, Sharon looks for ways to get nurses involved by offering innovative platforms to blog, vlog, or create evidence based programs.

Currently, Sharon would like to get to know other Nurse Innovators to see where you are in getting your project or idea off the ground. You can get to know her at:


Meet Ronda, a part of the Insight and development team at Whole Life Nursing. Ronda is retired U.S. Air Force. She contributes her advocacy, wisdom, and strategic mindset to the development of outreach for Whole Life Nursing, LLC.

Ronda is the mother of two grown children. Ronda raises her son with Soto’s Syndrome who lives in residential service in the community. Additionally, she is a court-appointed advocate for others in her community. She has extensive knowledge of public healthcare and educational community services.

Ronda is a committed volunteer for the Military Veteran Project (MVP), that brings awareness to military suicide prevention and funds research and treatment of PTSD/ TBI’s for our nation’s veterans whilst care for them falls short.

Ronda is a passionate advocate for projects that improve availability and quality of healthcare, mental health access, and public health in general.

Piracy of a Nurse-Owned Business: How My Trust Was Shattered and What I Learned From It

There was a method to the madness. Certain tactics with aesthetic appeal, attaching to my interests and values, hiding behind online personas, infiltrating online groups, hacking my website, circling my house, stealing data from my computer, and what was most disturbing was how well my data was put together to develop bots and false personas. I was living in the twilight zone.

Healthcare Value and Impact

Transforming this broken healthcare system in an era of values-based care is a total reboot of how healthcare providers begin to determine cost, quality, and population care. Nurses are key providers impacting these 3 areas of health and well-being. A nursing workforce that is savvy with self-care and supports the advancement of the nursing profession, […]


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