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Transforming this broken healthcare system in an era of values-based care is a total reboot of how healthcare providers begin to determine cost, quality, and population care. Nurses are key providers impacting these 3 areas of health and well-being. A nursing workforce that is savvy with self-care and supports the advancement of the nursing profession, is a workforce that plays to win.

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As a Registered Nurse with special interest in care delivery, I pursued a board specialty in Nurse Coaching early on. The conditions of my work environment at the time prompted me to look at larger, structural issues and the impact they had on our interpersonal relationships, communities, politics, and how we could ultimately approach our patients with safe and effective nursing care. 

Social determinants play a big part in my nursing discipline as a traveling psychiatric nurse. Overriding powerlessness and frustration is the common theme, no matter what state or location. I have observed for the last decade, that patients are returning for inpatient psychiatric services multiple times even in the short span of my 13-week contracts. Structural changes toward values-based care were only being hinted or buzzed at, and literature on values-based care was non-existent – so I sought out the thought leaders and pioneers in academia and application. Now years later, I continue to closely follow trends toward health and wellness through primary source interviews, growing bodies of research, and observing the environment of care as it responds to transitional pressures.

By 2012, the Affordable Care Act had been around a couple of years. The word value was being used in regards to healthcare. I was steeped in Nurse Coaching theory and holistic/ integrative nursing study. The very term “Values Based Healthcare” was curious to me at that time. It seemed ambiguous. My first thought was of empowering my clients within a system where they experience repeated defeat and powerlessness. So I applied the holistic Nurse Coach lens, and the early questions that I asked myself looked like this: 

  • Who is determining the value? In other words, who is determining what is important?
  • Is it implicit or explicit?
  • What is their perception of health value? (Not everyone cares about health as a motivator)
  • When would they be willing to consider opportunities for development – if ever? 
  • Why would they want to? 

I took notice from holistic nursing literature and interviews with thought leaders in the field of holistic nursing, that client values are not a constant – but are subject to change and influence in perspective. So why and how was this equivocal idea determining health care policy? Those questions have proven key in my assessment and implementation of coaching values. 

The values conversation offers a powerful and useful understanding to serve our interests as Nurse Influencers for health partnerships and alliances. The values conversation is the elemental piece of a broad conversation that occurs each time a Nurse Influencer asserts human-centered values in any number of interactions. It can happen with clients dealing with specific health concerns, population health, organizations, or even in the political arena.


Published by Elise Foreman Carter, RN, BSN, NC-BC

I am a busy working mother and Nurse Coach. My work is in the education, coaching, and advancement of the healthcare profession - particularly in the empowerment and integration of the role of the nurse as a key provider of health and wellness services within organizations. Please review my home page for services offered through Whole Life Nursing, LLC. My most recent work includes designing and networking nurse education through I serve as the co-director for the Eastern Kansas Chapter of the American Holistic Nurse's Association and on the Board of Directors for Awakening to Grace 501(c)(3) accredited CNE provider. I designed a recent online course titled "Coming Into Your Nurse Influence and Impact: Aligning with Purpose in a Values-Based Healthcare Economy". I authored "A Nurse Coach Implementation Guide: Your Crash Course to an Effective Values Conversation", (2016), and have spoken on nurse leadership in various venues. Contact for consultation on how I can best suit your needs. View more posts

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