About Elise



After only 3 years of working as a clinical nurse, the inefficiencies and toxicity of the environment were glaring. I wondered if I had made the right choice to become a nurse. So began my exploratory journey, 5 years ago, into the dark corners of industry and amazing heights of healing. I have faltered, I have fallen, I have healed, and I have fallen again. In the beginning I decided it was time for fresh approaches to what were, at the time, an impending crisis in healthcare. Now, that crisis is upon us: hospital closures, funding gaps, lack of access to affordable and effective care, and communities in crisis across the board. Our nonlinear process begins surprisingly simple, with only 4 major points with value placed at the center. Working with your unique needs either as a professional or organization, we will begin to fill in the blanks. Contact WLN today for a free consultation. See if you need to outfit a comprehensive plan or goal, or if you just need to light a fire! Sometimes a little fire is all it takes! 

Our Approach


A free initial consult will quickly identify exactly where you/ your healthcare organization needs to begin. The nonlinear approach - rooted in direct findings as well as social, nursing, and medical science - is a 4-point approach with value at the center. But we won't give everything away! So call to schedule!

Why Us?


It is time for new thinking and new approaches in healthcare. Elise has been working on the frontlines of healthcare change. Elise holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is a Board Certified Nurse Coach, Alumni of the International Nurse Coach Association, and member of the American Holistic Nurse's Association. Elise developed Human Centered Care Delivery as a core value in healthcare, and first provided the template for this model in her self-published piece "A Nurse Coach Implementation: Your Crash Course to an Effective Values Conversation".