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Offering organizations and nurses development into a new paradigm of Human Centered Care Delivery (Copyright 2016). Book for peer coaching sessions, consultation on partnership to reach organizational benchmarks, or for speaking engagements.


It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Elise.  She is a modern day visionary with intentions of strengthening the role of the Nurse Coach.  She believes Nurse Coaches are an essential element to the wellness-illness continuum.  Elise makes a concerted effort to continuously educate organizations and the community on the value of Nurse Coaching.  To offer support to  Nurses she’s written a book entitled, “A Nurse Coach Implementation Guide: Your Crash Course to an Effective Values Conversation.”   Elise is a strong advocate for change.  I  admire her momentum and drive in playing an integral role in the future of healthcare. 

- Glenda Bundy, Time Mind Life Health and Wellness Coaching

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Interviews with leading-edge thinkers in Human Centered Care Delivery (Copyright 2016 A Nurse Coach Implementation Guide) are available to coaches who wish to provide an email address for membership.


Q: What is a Nurse Coach?

A: It is a Registered Nurse who has specialized expert education to facilitate a process of change to promote achievement of individual and/ or organizational achievement of goals! 

Q: Why a Nurse Coach?

A: Nurse Coaches bring to the table foundational nursing concepts for supportive care delivery to human beings. Nurse Coaches also bring to the table science of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual-environmental aspects of care.

Q: What is the difference between a Nurse Coach and a Life Coach?

A: Certainly a Nurse Coach can act as a Life Coach. They are different in that they possess specialty knowledge of the healthcare industry and issues related to the wellness-illness continuum. A Nurse Coach comes with the awareness that people living with chronic illness or facing death can still lead their best life.

Q: Can anyone be a Nurse Coach?

A: Coaching concepts are proliferating among nurses in the way of motivation, positive psychology, goal attainment...etc. Programs for Board Certification of Nurse Coaching are available and encouraged, as the Art and Science of Nurse Coaching (2013 Hess, et. al) has already established competencies endorsed by numerous professional organizations