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How about a chat with Flo’s online persona this Nurses Week! CHECK IT OUT!

Kick off the very first episode of Nursing Influence and Impact this nurses week with Janet Michaelis most recently known for her online persona as Flo Nightingale. Janet discusses the importance of Florence Nightingale’s work with data and use of that data in hospital settings. Janet encourages continued hospital practice as she is passionate about that being where the work of the nurse is done. She asks – “What is it that makes it so intolerable to work in the hospital?” Certainly that answer seems glaring in the midst of a pandemic; however, Janet asserts that the proper use of raw data for independent oversight can powerfully impact the landscape of care delivery. This is the brainchild behind floswhistle.org. Janet encourages nurses to “bend” to stay in practice, and to report and advocate on behalf of our community in various modes of political participation.

Janet is a lifelong technophile and organizer with eclectic experience in entrepreneurship, emergency medical/ disaster research, house rehabber, scout leader, patients’ rights activist, and Open Data advocate. She has recently been re-elected to the Code for America Brigade Leadership where she serves as a Brigade Captain for the midwest region. Janet continues to work as a nurse in an urban ER, contributing day-to-day pearls of knowledge and wisdom with skilled care delivery.


Episode 1: Nursing Influence & Impact < Flo Nightingale < Flo’s Whistle

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Published by Elise Foreman Carter, RN, BSN, NC-BC

I am a busy working mother and Nurse Coach. My work is in the education, coaching, and advancement of the healthcare profession - particularly in the empowerment and integration of the role of the nurse as a key provider of health and wellness services within organizations. Please review my home page for services offered through Whole Life Nursing, LLC. My most recent work includes designing and networking nurse education through Holisticnursingce.com. I serve as the co-director for the Eastern Kansas Chapter of the American Holistic Nurse's Association and on the Board of Directors for Awakening to Grace 501(c)(3) accredited CNE provider. I designed a recent online course titled "Coming Into Your Nurse Influence and Impact: Aligning with Purpose in a Values-Based Healthcare Economy". I authored "A Nurse Coach Implementation Guide: Your Crash Course to an Effective Values Conversation", (2016), and have spoken on nurse leadership in various venues. Contact coaching@wholelifenursing.com for consultation on how I can best suit your needs.

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